From Caterpillar to Butterfly


What We Believe

YOU are awesome! Infused with the power to co-create. Shaped to move through time and space.  Able to heal any dis-ease. YOU are HOLY! The Universe (God) works through you, works with you and works as you. YOU are magnificent! LOVE in action. LOVE is your name.  YES, LOVE that's you! YOU are Infinite-no beginning and no end. One with all things, all beings and ONE with GOD! 

Who We Are

Transformation is the process by which the human being realizes he/she is a spiritual being. A Renewed Spirit is here to help you walk the path to your enlightenment. We follow the principles of Centers for Spiritual Living aka Science of Mind. We realize that we create our own heaven and hell.  By changing our perceptions of our world, we can change the results we are experiencing.